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Composting Criteria Covering a Wide Range of Applications includes livestock, fish/poultry waste and residuals, wood waste, yard waste, industrial biomass, municipal solid waste, mixed paper, kitchen and garden waste, commercial organic waste, brewery and other biosolids, sludges, mushroom production and vermicompost.

COMPOST: a product that has gone through microbial degradation of readily available organic matter resulting in a stabilized material suitable for distribution in the environment without causing detrimental effects.



Improving compost stability and quality

Control Laboratory works with consultants and waste generators to determine the appropriate alternatives to landfill. Testing for chemical and physical characteristics, the company can determine a by-product’s suitability for use as a compost feedstock. Tests cover the amount of such constituents as carbon, nitrogen, moisture, nutrients, toxins, and metals that are present. From this, an optimum composting formulation is realized which is then monitored with suitable adjustments made during the composting process to maximize stability.